Covid-19 Update April 29


Firstly, NSFA has provided an update regarding the football season and they are optimistic should the COVID19 situation not worsen, that we will return to playing football in the coming months. Yesterday’s news that social distancing and isolation restrictions are being lifted as of May 1st is a positive step for all and a step towards commencing the football season. It is very possible that MiniRoos and Junior Teams will be back playing in early/mid-June. In anticipation of this NSFA has mapped out a modified season for all age groups and competitions which will be implemented based on start dates. Therefore, it is essential that we organise and develop ourselves in the lead up to the start of the season so that everyone is ready to go when the season kicks off.


A large number of our teams now have a volunteer coach and manager, but there are still some teams without a manager or coach.  Anita has been in contact with the parents of those teams requesting volunteers and should you wish to help out as a coach or manager please let Anita know ASAP – [email protected] .  It is essential that all teams have a coach and manager prior to the start of the season, no coach or manager will mean that the team is unable to play football. Please put your hand up to ensure we are ready for the season start.


The Competitions Department has published the first seven rounds of competition in Senior Mixed, Junior Mixed, Girls and Women’s football in anticipation of starting on the weekend of June 5, 6 & 7, and are currently negotiating with council to extend our bookings into September. The draw has been released with the intention of guiding the first few weeks of the season, once we receive the all-clear to play. Should the season start date change, the rounds will remain the same.

The MiniRoos draw will be published once the season commencement date is finalised as there may be changes to MiniRoos team nominations and NSFA will spreading out MiniRoos fixtures to meet Government mass gathering guidelines, which may result in MiniRoos matches being scheduled up until 3 p.m. on a Saturday.


We are continuing to plan for training and will release further information as soon as we are aware of the season commencement.


Based on a 1st of June go ahead, the competitions will run as follows:

Junior Mixed:

The Junior Mixed competition will be scheduled to play 14 rounds in every division.

Senior Mixed PL & MAA2:

Senior Mixed PL & MAA2 will have scheduled 18 rounds so that promotion and relegation can occur. Rounds 14-18 will be played on synthetic fields up to the first weekend in October.  The remaining divisions will play 14 rounds.

Junior Girls:

All Junior Girls competitions will play 14 rounds. To fit in 14 rounds, one round will be scheduled mid-week or on a Friday night. The only exception is G14 Div. 2 which will play 13 rounds, as there is an odd number of teams.

Senior Women PL & WAA2:

Senior Women PL & WAA2 will play 14 rounds and will run into early September. The remaining divisions (WAA3 & 4 and WO35) will play 13 rounds. The WO30 6aside teams will have 13 rounds.


The committee is in the process of finalising options for any refunds that may be valid, pending the season start. The NSFA and Turramurra United continue to request that people keep their registrations and acknowledge that we will provide relevant refunds that are due.  We will not be issuing any refunds until the full impact of COVID-19 on the football season is known to ensure it is equitable and consistent. Until a start competition date is confirmed, the club is unable to process refunds or discounts. As soon as this date is set in stone we will commence a rollout of notifications for all those affected and will then respond to all individual queries of this nature.


NSFA’S XLR8 Player Development

 A reminder that NSFA’s ‘XLR8 Player Development’ are running live training sessions as well as posting weekly skill challenges on their Facebook and Instagram pages to keep players football fit and engaged. XLR8 Facebook Page – which is a great way to keep involved with the football community.

T3 Australia – Daily PE sessions

T3 Australia, our junior training partner has been running regular daily PE sessions via Facebook and showing a wide range of webinars. Please go to

TUFC are hopeful that teams will get to play football at some stage this season, and we will keep you all updated as and when more information is forthcoming from NSFA.

In the meantime, keep up those football skills and stay safe and healthy.

TUFC Committee

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