Diamond League

Diamond League refers to the NSFA Girls Youth Division 1 competitions from Under 12 to Under 18. Clubs are required to apply for a Diamond League licence, and this enables clubs to will field Diamond League teams across the following age groups:

  • G12
  • G14
  • G16
  • G18

In an association first, Turramurra United, along with Kissing Point Football Club, put our competitive nature aside and worked together to have a joint venture in the Diamond League in 2020. This has been successful, and the collaboration will continue, bigger and better this season.

All clubs / teams competing in Diamond League must meet the following criteria:

  • Two training sessions a week
  • Minimum Coach Accreditation of Skill Training for G12 (or higher e.g. FFA C-Licence),
  • Minimum Coach Accreditation of Skill Training and / or Game Training for G14 and G16 (or higher e.g. FFA C-Licence),
  • Minimum Coach Accreditation of Game Training for G18 (or higher e.g. FFA C-Licence),
  • Diamond League coaches must also be a member of the Inspire Program
  • Diamond League coaches must attend a minimum of one Diamond League Coach Education workshop.

TUFC/KPFC Diamond League Development Program

The two clubs will be fielding teams in the following age groups as part of the Diamond League and joint venture development program:

  • DL G12
  • Development Team G12
  • DL G14
  • DL G16

Note that for 2024 there will be both a G12 Diamond League team and a G12 development team, with both teams having twice-weekly training.

There are additional costs associated with Diamond League and the G12 Development Team to support the additional coaching, and there are expectations on players in terms of attendance and attitude at training and games. Diamond League teams receive:

  • XLR8 training and game day coach
  • at least 20 weeks of 2 nights a week coaching
  • 15 weeks of matches plus gala days (+ pre-season trial games)
  • Dedicated female coaching coordinator

Training will be Tuesday nights at NTRA and Friday nights at Auluba. Both clubs are aiming to have all female teams training on the same night as it allows greater options for game play between all teams and a great atmosphere at training.

Why a joint venture?

Both clubs are committed to female football, sit alongside each other geographically, and recognise that Diamond League needs to be a quality league with competitive teams. By combining forces, both clubs can enable current players to remain at their clubs and play at this level, as well as attract new players.

What if my daughter does not make or does not want to try out for a Diamond League team?

Your daughter will still be able to play community football at her club in 2024. The aim is to provide for both community players and girls who wish to progress within the NSFA. Both clubs will continue to run as many teams as they can to serve female players, including those who want to play social football with friends.

When are the trials and how do I register?

Trials are held in November.