In the event of wet weather on Friday night/Saturday morning and up-to-date information being inaccessible on the NSFA website, please assume the games are on and go to the ground.

NSFA will only cancel games if the ground has been closed or is deemed unfit for play. Matches will go ahead if it is raining, as they are not cancelled if it is raining only if the ground is unfit for play.

If there are cancellations or postponements of matches, or matches are relocated, the NSFA website will be updated to reflect this as soon as practically possible. Please continue to check the draw on the website as games may be cancelled at one ground and relocated to another that is open for play in some circumstances.


Wet Weather and Ground Closures

Each local council maintains a wet weather ground closures page. Left are the links you need.

Hot Weather and Cancellations

Football NSW has reissued the guidelines for cancellation of games and training when weather extremes are in force.

Where extreme temperatures such as recent January heat waves occur, all football activities should be cancelled.

Clubs are reminded of their duty of care and that in extreme temperatures the safety and welfare of players must be a priority.

Exposure to extreme heat can be dangerous to the health of adults and pose an ever greater risk to the health of children and young people.

Cancellation of Games and Training

The recommended maximum temperature to cancel games and training is:

  • CHILDREN – 32° (recommended maximum ambient temperature for cancellation of children’s football activities)
  • ADULTS – 37° (recommended maximum ambient temperature for cancellation of adult’s football activities)

Cancellation can be required at lower temperatures particularly where a higher level of humidity is present.  Refer to the Heat Stress Index for risk levels.

The FNSW Hot Weather Policy, Heat Stress Index and SMA Guidelines are provided for further information and reference:

Modification of Games and Training

Where temperatures occur within the following ranges and a club has assessed and deemed a football activity to be safe to continue, consideration must be given to modifying the activity and increasing rest and drink breaks in shaded areas.

  • Children: 26° to 31° ambient temperature. At 32° refer to recommended cancellation temperatures.
  • Adults: 26° to 36° ambient temperature. At 37° refer to recommended cancellation temperatures.

Within these temperature ranges, participation must also be closely monitored and the safety and welfare of players must be a priority.


Source: Risk Manager & State Member Protection Officer, Football NSW