The Football Starts at Home

A special event run by our training partners T3

Part of our ongoing commitment at T3 is to engage parents and coaches to ensure the Club can be the best they can be. With Season 2020 coming up we’re taking a giant leap in development by hosting globally-renown international coach Tom Byer to help educate parents and empower kids. Tom is globally and locally renown by many current and ex-Socceroos, Matildas and Football Federations as a leader in grassroots and junior football development.

In partnership with several communities, we’ll be hosting the Football Starts At Home grand community event. What is Football Starts At Home? Football Starts At Home is a theme based on educating parents on their role in development. It’s a simple notion where parents are prioritised and made central to development. The event will assist committees, coaches and parents greatly about the development of children through different ages and their confidence and experience with their team. Football Starts At Home has assisted many communities to build an excellent development culture, in many different environments.

The Football Starts At Home grand community event will take place on Tuesday the 17th of March at Asquith Boys High School from 6pm to 7:15pm. Part of the evening will include the parents and coaches being invited into the new school’s hall and engaged with the Football Starts At Home presentation. The presentation is empowering and be full of great points to take back. Each parent will also be given a Football Starts At Home pack at the end of the evening.

It’s an event to be missed and we believe the most important decision you will make as a parent.

Please feel free to invite anyone within your club, coaches or parents who will benefit from this event.

Attendance is free and registrations can be made via