Introducing XLR8 Home Skills Series

Whilst traditional football is on hold, we want players to enjoy themselves, continue their development and fall in love with the ball. Each week the NSFA/XLR8 will be releasing two skill videos and a weekly football challenge on their social media channels for players to practice at home, in order to stay active and improve their technical football skills whilst training and matches are postponed

The NSFA/XLR8 have released the Juggling Challenge for this week for all players within the NSFA. They want to see which club can have the most players actively involved in this, tracking their scores each week and making improvements in their juggling!

See Facebook Post for Video and Juggling Sheet–

Juggling Sheets that have ‘Formation & Tactical Points’ on the back for players to gain some tactical understanding whilst working on their technical football skills at home. Follow the links below!

We encourage all players (parents) to send photos of their juggling sheets to their coaches via email or WhatsApp to ensure a coach-player relationship is maintained.

There are prizes on offer for the following:

  • Under 8 & Under 9 – Reaching Bronze level – 50 juggles
  • Under 10 & Under 11 – Reaching Silver level – 100 juggles
  • Under 13 & Under 14 – Reaching Gold level – 500 juggles
  • Under 15 – All Age – Reaching Platinum level – 1000 juggles

Juggling tips and further challenges will be posted on over the coming week. Keep in the know.

At the core of our XLR8 Home Skills Series, is our want for people to stay active and healthy whilst at home during this trying period, and we believe with a ball at your feet this can be achieved.

Good luck, good health and happy juggling!

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