Info Pack 2018

The 2018 Coaches & Managers Info Pack will be presented at the Coaches & Managers Meeting. Details to be advised.

Role of the Coach and Manager

What is the role of the Team Coach? And the Team Manager? We’ve got pages for that!


One duty of a Manager is keeping the kit list and ensuring it is all returned at the end of the season. If there are any queries regarding any part of the kit please contact your age manager or the Equipment Coordinator/s.

Open Communication

An important aspect of a team manager is keeping the lines of communication open between players, parents and coach. This means checking emails and telephone messages on a constant basis and responding promptly. Decide how you would like to contact the players/parents and arrange details accordingly.


All Forfeits are to be notified via the Forfeit Form to the Club Secretary. Please print and fill it in and email it back to the Club Secretary.

U12+ Documentation

Football is a sport that requires all players to have player pass cards that contain important information; and without the card, players cannot play in scheduled events. Each player pass card has the player’s registration number, date of birth, club name, team name, age group and a photo ID. Many clubs require these cards to be laminated. The manager needs to have these pass cards readily available for the referee’s inspection at each game and tournament.

12+ Referee Allocations

U12+ Coaches & Managers should check the NSFA site every Friday night to ensure ref has been allocated to the game if they are the home team. If not, they will need a volunteer to ref the game. It is also worth having a backup ref in case one doesn’t turn up.

12+ Electronic Match Cards

NSFA Club Circular 13-17 Electronic Match Card Information

Instructions on how to use EMC.

U12-U18 Team Manager Duties

Team managers shall perform the following duties on match days:

  • Home team manager to ensure alternate strip is available in the event of a clash.
  • Check playing ground for safety – ensure no safety hazards.
  • Introduce themselves to the referees and assist the referee as requested.
  • Ensure that gates permitting ambulance entry are unlocked.
  • Mutually appoint a referee and assistant referees if no qualified referees are present.
  • Each team manager to complete his/her half of match card and hand to the referee no later than five (5) minutes before the scheduled kick-off time.
  • Provide a printed copy of team photos in order to identify players.
  • Perform ID check and sign both match cards prior to the commencement of each game.
  • Ensure players are correctly attired.
  • Provide an approved, licensed, properly inflated match ball prior to game start.
  • Ensure alcohol is not present.
  • Ensure that players sent from the field leave the vicinity of the field.
  • Ensure cleanliness of venue.
  • Match cards must be handed to the winning team by the referee, or to the home team in case of a draw. The team in possession of the match cards must ensure that the match cards are delivered to the club recorder/secretary in time to be forwarded to the NSFA office by 5:00 PM on the Wednesday following the game.
  • Both managers to notify results to their club recorder/secretary.
  • Managers, coaches and other team officials must display an NSFA Official ID card at all times while they are participating in a match. Referees may request that a person leaves the “technical area” as they see fit if that person does not display an NSFA Official ID card.